Data Backup

Backup is the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved and will be able to be restored in case of deletion, equipment failure or other catastrophe. Backup is a necessary operation for every computer system, from personal computer users to large businesses with servers and mainframes but it is very often neglected. Also, a very frequent phenomenon is that the backup process is so antiquated or makes copies that are impossible to be used, so when time comes and we need them, we practically discover there is nothing we can bring back.

Especially nowdays, it is inconceivable and unacceptable to not maintain a reliable process that automatically takes backups of your data, which cost as much as your business. The risks to be addressed daily are so many and often so unpredictable, that if you have not experienced a loss of data so far, this is clearly due to the luck factor.

Our company provides a wide range of solutions, from the most simple and cost effective up to extremely sophisticated, in order to keep your data safe. None of these solutions depends on the user, since it is necessary for  the procedures to be automated and not depend on the human factor. Whether you are interested to keep backups locally, whether you prefer an Online Backup & Cloud Storage solution, or even if you are interested in obtaining a mirror server abroad, which will take action automatically when necessary, you should contact us and together we will choose the best and most cost efficient solution for your case.

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