Secure deletion and data destruction

Imagine your sensitive personal or corporate data to be exposed. Email messages, security codes, passwords to bank accounts, photos and videos, contacts, conversations, clientele, sensitive financial data ... everything is stored on your hard drive, your phone or other digital storage media. When, for any reason, you decide to replace your hard disk or entire computer, your laptop, your tablet or phone, the data they contain are a constant threat, it can be retrieved and used by unauthorized persons. It is unthinkable to dispose, sell, give away or even dismantle a digital storage medium, without first making sure it no longer contains data that can be used against you.

This is the reason we provide secure erasure and destruction of data services - and we wipe them out to an extent that it is no longer possible to be recovered, by any person or by using any technology infrastructure. The cost of these services is low, and ensures that nobody will ever be able to retrieve your data and use them against you.


Please note: magnetic storage media (such as hard drives of any technology, memory cards, USB flash disks, etc.) can be used again after erasing the data they contain, without a problem. In contrast, optical storage media (such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray disks etc.) are completely destroyed, to a degree that they can not be rebuilt, ever.

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