Disaster Recovery Planning

"60% of businesses that suffer a major data loss will fail within 5 years" – Gartner Group

If the thought of a natural or accidental disaster affecting your business are too much to handle, you should talk to us. Have you ever asked yourself “Isn’t there an easier way to make sure everything is safe?”

Whether you have 1 GB of data or 10 TB, we have a solution that will keep your data safe.
With us on your side for Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery solutions, we will always:
Minimize downtime in the case of a disaster, with proactive Back Up and Recovery solutions that help you get back to business as quickly as possible
Get rid of obsolete and unreliable backup systems, with automated Business Continuity solutions that automate your data backup.
Safeguard your data with both local and off-site backups

We understand your fear about unpredictable disasters and unforeseen data loss and we can help put your mind at ease. Serving businesses all around Greece, we offer no-hassle solutions for those that need reliable data backup and computer hard drive backup. Whether you’re concerned about Business Continuity, Online Backup, Hard Drive and Data Backup, Computer Backup, Disaster Recovery Plan, Data Recovery, Hard Drive and File Data Recovery, Computer Recovery, Remote Data Backup, or Offsite Data Backup & Recovery Services, you can count on us for reliable support.

When you’re no longer afraid of losing everything, your focus can go back where it belongs; your business. Let us show you how Disaster Recovery and Data Backup from Gravvanis IT Services can help you achieve your goals.

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