Data Recovery Services

Data recovery is a very complex and time consuming process, which depends on many factors, it requires specialized equipment and expertise. In most cases, data recovery is possible when the intervention is immediate, as the continuation of using the storage medium and / or the efforts to resolve the problem by the user himself or third parties who do not know exactly what to do, have devastating consequences.

First of all, you should know that data loss from (usually magnetic) storage media is something that occurs frequently and is a matter of time for anyone to experience it. Usually, we realize there is a problem in two ways: the inexplicable inability to find and / or store files onto our drive and the inability to display the contents of the storage medium, which may be accompanied by strange noises or clicking sounds. If this happens, switch off the computer or your device immediately and do not try to do anything that atempts to record data on the hard disk or storage medium. It is perfectly safe to override the deactivation process and to "pull the plug" - the damage has already been done and each second of operation may make it worse. The next step is to contact us.

Data loss may be caused by:
● deleting files by mistake
● formatting of the storage medium
● partitioning of the storage medium
● damaged storage medium
● attack by viruses or malware
● temporary hardware or software malfunction
● malfunction from water / liquids and fire or smoke
● sudden loss of electric power

Our laboratories have the infrastructure and experience needed to attempt and recover data from any storage media. Indicatively, data recovery can be performed from:
● IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI & SAS hard drives, regardless of operating system
● tape drives
● solid state drives
● USB Flash drives
● Memory cards
● RAID systems
● Optical media - CD / DVD
● Mobile phones & tablets

The cost depends on the medium itself, the extent of damage, the amount of data that need to be recovered, the time it will take to repair the damage and the cost of buying any spare parts, it is therefore impossible to estimate the cost of recovery / rehabilitation without examining the damage first.

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